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September 13, 2011
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Sipping soda or juice all day could be worse than eating a candy bar, because the longer sugar stays in contact with teeth, the greater the risk for tooth decay.  Bacteria, which live in plaque on teeth, feed off the sugars in food and produce acid in the mouth, which erodes the tooth enamel - causing cavities.  Foods high in sugar such as cookies and candy, or high in acid, such as fruit juices and sodas, present the greatest risk to dental health.

Foods with high sugar content should be in contact with your teeth as little as possible. If you must drink sugar-laden beverages, do so with meals rather than sip them slowly throughout the day. Keep in mind that eating sticky foods such as raisins or fruit snacks puts teeth at a greater risk for tooth decay because the sugar remains in contact with the teeth longer.

Foods such as milk and nuts are “low-risk” foods because they are low in sugar and they have a non-sticky texture. Other low-risk snack foods are low-fat cheese, raw vegetables, crunchy fruits, and popcorn.

When you have eaten and have no way to brush, chewing sugar-free gum (especially those with Xylitol) will stimulate saliva, thus neutralizing acids and washing away food particles.