Teeth Whitening

White, healthy-looking, shiny teeth are the building blocks of a dazzling smile. Professional teeth whitening treatments can light up not only your smile, but your entire face as well. No matter how conscientious you are about brushing and flossing, some discoloration and yellowing will occur naturally as time goes by. Discolored teeth make you look older, but our professional teeth whitening procedures can reverse this process and make your smile look young again. Drug store whitening treatments are available, but they are limited in their effectiveness. Investing in our professional teeth whitening services instead is worthwhile because it gives you better results more quickly.

What Makes Professional Teeth Whitening Different?

Over-the-counter products may be initially cheaper than an in-office whitening session, but our teeth whitening services are actually a better value. Professional teeth whitening has three major advantages over the products you see sold in drug stores or advertised online. First of all, professional teeth whitening systems use high quality materials and a custom-designed tray for better results than any over-the-counter whitening system could provide.

Also, unlike over-counter-whitening products, with professional teeth whitening, the procedure is quick and the results are immediate. In most cases, we can whiten your teeth several different shades in just 45 minutes. The third advantage of professional whitening is the fact that we have control over the process. Using tooth shade charts, we can find the best shade of white for your teeth and target the treatment accordingly.

At Cypress Dental, we use the ZOOM! teeth whitening treatment (as seen in Extreme Makeover). In a single, one-hour-long visit, we can whiten your teeth 7 to 8 shades! To ensure the highest quality care and the best possible results, we offer a complimentary consultation before all teeth whitening procedures.

Custom Made Bleaching Trays

Or, perhaps you prefer supervised home bleaching? If you would rather whiten your teeth at home, we offer home bleaching kits that are far superior to over-the-counter products. Our easy-to-use, custom-fitted trays can be worn over your teeth to whiten them while you sleep. Take-home trays can also be very effective as a form of bleaching maintenance after undergoing the ZOOM! teeth whitening procedure in our office. For more information about ZOOM! teeth whitening or to schedule your free consultation, contact Cypress Dental at 775-825-8366